There Is A Reason Over 1.23 Million
Pieces of Point-Of-Sale Equipment
Were Provided or Repaired
By Washburn.



Are You Looking For Different Places To Fix POS Equipment?
One Place Can Fix Them All.

From 1989 to today, the products have changed but our focus is still the same. Many companies repair and sell point-of-sale equipment. Some of them are very large and repair all types of computer equipment, including point-of-sale equipment. Others focus on the products of a particular manufacturer, including doing warranty work for those manufacturers. We chose to focus on the point-of-sale equipment from many manufacturers.

We repair equipment for our customers and the equipment for other repair center customers. This gives us a distinct advantage in understanding what goes on in the point-of-sale environment and how all of the equipment works together. In addition, we repair all sorts of computer equipment but we put our energy into understanding point-of-sale equipment.


Don’t Replace or Discard Older POS Equipment
When It Is Important To Maximize Your POS Dollar.

There are specific reasons to upgrade or change out all of your point-of-sale equipment but getting a little old is not one of them. With new technology being introduced almost monthly, it is easy to get the feeling you are way behind. We believe that once you spend the time and money to implement a point-of-sale system there is no reason to make a major change until that system can no longer perform the functions necessary to operate the business. A full understanding of the applications software, the operating system, the drivers, the hardware versions down to the chips on the board can keep a point-of-sale system functional for years. Many times even the latest peripherals can be added once the interface is understood.


Stop Swapping Parts Until You Find One That Works.
You Can Just Fix The Equipment That Breaks?

If you have some idea of what goes on underneath the covers of a piece of electronic equipment, you know that it only takes one of many little things to stop the whole system. The problem is usually not fixing that one little thing, finding it is the real problem. It takes technical experience and special equipment to find those little problems. Without that experience and equipment, it is usually easier to change out major pieces until the system starts working again. That is an ineffective way to get the equipment up and running again. You may fix the problem you are working on but you may have introduced another problem you were testing for. Washburn has the people, processes and technologies to find and fix those little problems so the equipment can continue to be used.


Why Even Wait Until Equipment Breaks,
When You Can Prevent The Down Time By Preventing The Equipment From Breaking.


It would be nice if the equipment could tell us when it was going to break. There are ways to avoid problems by understanding the failure statistics of the equipment and changing it out before it fails. Programs can be custom designed to change out one location at a time to reduce untimely annoying failures. Even more importantly’ reduce shipping costs. Typically, all of the equipment can be refurbished and put back into service. Single failures of critical equipment can be handled by having replacement equipment on-site that can be changed out as needed.





We Repair, Sell, Exchange and Buy